ATI D16 Porta-Sens III ATI-CD-0998

ATI D16 – Porta-Sens III – Portable Gas Detector



PortaSens III Gas Detectors are supplied in a padded carrying case for easy storage and transport. Space is provided for an extra battery plus up to two sensor keepers, which means up to 8 extra sensors ready for immediate use.

The following components are standard:

PortaSens Gas Detector

Spare Filters

10” Teflon Lined Sampling Wand


RS-232 Output Cable

Battery Charger

Spare “D” Cell Battery

Sensor Keeper

Calibration “T” Fitting


The basic PortaSens III detector does not include sensor modules. Because the D16 is designed to accept any gas sensor, you can select one or more sensor modules. Each sensor module is factory calibrated at the time of shipment and is ready to use by plugging it into the receptacle in the D16 manifold. Each module can be calibrated for the minimum and maximum ranges indicated.


• Interchangeable “Smart Sensors” for over 30 gases

• Internal sample pump and external sampling wand

• One-hand pistol grip design

• Standard “D” cell battery and rechargeable backup battery

• Easy to read back-lit graphics liquid crystal display

• Instantaneous and timed-sampling modes of operation

• Visual and Audible alarms

• Internal data-logger with RS-232 output

• Size: 3.5″ (W) x 9″ (H) x 5.5″ (D)

• Lightweight