Room and Building Decontamination

Start-to-finish process (excluding biological validation) in less than 24 hours with Chlorine Dioxide (a true gas).

  • We have over 25 years with more than 120 safely executed space decons
  • Full interactive analysis of space prior to decontamination to ensure that the process is
    • Necessary
    • Appropriate
    • Complete, and
    • Safe
  • DRS Laboratories’ validated In-Line Decon Cart, allows simultaneous decontamination of exhaust HEPA filter banks and room exhaust ductwork.
  • Simultaneous decontamination of biological safety cabinets, incubators and other devices within the space
  • Routine Biological validation is performed with 106 B.atrophaeus biological indicators
    • ATCC#9372, formerly B.subtilus
    • Validation is by the log reduction method, not via “Go/NoGo”

DRS can perform a “Mock” decontamination using the entire process (start to finish) excluding chlorine dioxide gas

  • Verify appropriate lab sealing prior to a subsequent decontamination.
  • Verify sealability of a space following new construction.