MCS CD Generation Chemicals

MCS CD Generation Chemicals Part A & Part B (25 of each)


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In order to figure out how many MCS CD Generation Chemical (packs) are necessary for one decontamination; Multiply the BSC volume by 0.13 g/ft3 (4.7 g/m3) to determine the mass of ClO2 required to be generated.

Use the following table to determine the amount of tablets required.


Minimum Maximum BSC Size CD Generation Chemicals
Volume – ft3(m3) Volume – ft3(m3) Width – ft (m) Packs
0 (0) 25 (0.7) 0-2 ft (0.0-0.6) (1) A / (1) B
25 (0.7) 60 (1.7) 3-4 ft (0.91-1.22) (2) A / (2) B
60 (1.7) 90 (2.5) 5-6 ft (1.52-1.83) (3) A / (3) B



Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the shelf life for MCS CD Generation Chemicals?
    1. Two years from the date of manufacture.


  • What is the recommended temperature for storage of the MCS CD Generation Chemicals?
    1. Controlled room temperature is the preferred storage condition (60-85 deg F), since that is the temperature on which the shelf life is based on. The CD tablets have been stored for 6 months at 50 deg C (120 deg F) without deterioration.  Similar tablet formulations have been stored for 6 months at 60 deg C (140 deg F) without deterioration.  We have not tested storage at temperatures below room temperature, but we don’t see a failure mechanism there.


  • Are there any DOT travel restrictions on keeping the tablets in a van or other vehicles?
    1. In the configurations we sell the MCS CD Generation Chemicals, they are considered a Small Quantity Exception under 49CFR 173.4, basically making them exempt from the regulations.


  • Are there any restrictions to the quantity of MCS CD Generation Chemicals kept in a van?
    1. A. As long as the tablets are being used in the course of doing business (an MOT-Material of Trade), any reasonable quantity would be allowed. (See previous Q&A)