Chemical Indicators (Package of 100) CI-100

The DG Chlorine Dioxide Indicator Strip (DRS-CDI) is qualitative (yes/no) colorimetric indicator strip designed to provide real-time indication of chlorine dioxide gas.

The indicator is suitable for sterilization applications

a. Dimensions: 3” x 0.5”
b. Operating temperature: -4°F to 131°F (-20°C to 55°C)
c. Operating humidity: 5% RH to 85%RH
d. Minimum detectable limit: 900ppm
e. Color change: Beige to brown
f. Storage temperature: 39°F to 77°F (4°C to 25°C)
g. Service life: 1 year after packaging opened

Cross interferences and limitations
Strong oxidizers produce similar color. No other interferences or limitations are known.

Operating Instructions
a. Ensure that packaging pouch is intact.
b. Open packaging pouch by tearing off the top part from one of the side notches.
c. Remove one indicator from the packaging pouch and reseal the pouch.
d. Place indicator strip in a suitable location.
e. Formation of brown color indicates chlorine dioxide.


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